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Armchairs and ottomans

Armchairs and poufs - the perfect addition to your interior

Each of us dreams of a comfortable rest, because life, oddly enough, is full of stress and it is almost impossible to protect yourself from them. In the modern world, one has to think: how to feel comfortable both at work and at home? The answer to this question is a comfortable resting place and workplace. Imagining it to oneself, each person sees a comfortable and soft chair before his eyes.

Since ancient times, rulers preferred comfortable chairs covered with expensive fabrics to hard chairs. Their first samples appeared in ancient Egypt, they were pieces of furniture of rulers and persons close to them. If earlier only wealthy families could have them, today this item is not a luxury and every consumer can afford it. But choosing the one, according to the client, the ideal and most acceptable option is not so easy.

Manufacturers offer a large assortment of a wide variety of chairs: for a summer residence, office, home, restaurant, but in order to understand which one you like best, you need to understand a little.

What are the chairs?

At its core, the chair is an improved chair model, with a back and legs. Others differ in rollers, armrests, or there is no frame at all. Products are classified according to the following characteristics:

  1. By appointment. There are models for work (office, computer) and for recreation (garden, country, interior). The styles and designs of these chairs will differ as they have completely different tasks. For those that are designed for work, a mandatory feature is comfort, since a person spends 7-12 hours at the workplace, there is a firm back to support the spine. Models designed for relaxation have a different goal, because the main task is to provide comfort and coziness.
  2. By design type. There are frame and frameless products. The first type of construction includes chairs: with a back, legs and a solid base. Modern frames are most often made of wood, plastic or metal. Frameless types are bags filled with expanded polystyrene balls. The peculiarity of this filler is that the chair repeats the shape of the body, as well as the frameless chair can be given a wide variety of shapes.

As you can see, armchairs are different in shape and purpose, so making a choice is quite difficult. As for the poufs, they usually come with frame loungers. You can buy armchairs in Kiev on the website of the Praktica™ company, the catalog is a huge selection of furniture for any interior, and an intuitive and convenient interface will help you make the right choice.

Какие они пуфы и чем отличаются от кресел

There are always soft armchairs in any house or apartment. Regardless of their purpose, they should be chosen taking into account their own preferences and the existing or planned style of the room. Let's take a closer look at what puffs and soft chairs are:

  1. Classic. They are equipped with armrests, soft seats, backrests.
  2. Folding. Easily converted into a bed, sometimes they can replace a sleeping place.
  3. Recliner. This luxury chair has swivel mechanisms and a retractable footrest, allowing the seated person to take the most comfortable position.
  4. In the form of a rocking chair. Such furniture will provide an opportunity to relax, swaying back and forth.
  5. Equipped with a lifting mechanism. In the model, you can change the seat height by pressing a special key.
  6. Soft beanbag chair. In appearance it resembles a pillow or a pouf, it lacks a frame, consists of a washable cover, and contains a filler inside.

Poufs are a great addition to the decor of the room. At its core, it is a low, small-sized piece of furniture, which can be both an independent element in the interior and an additional attribute. They come in different shapes and sizes. Among all their variety, it is difficult to find a specific model. Soft poufs are divided into several categories:

  • Seat puffs - the most common option, can have various shapes and is a cylinder of regular or irregular shape with a filling inside;
  • additional poufs - most often presented as an additional item to another furniture set and look like a small footrest;
  • puffs-transformers - have a more complex design, which makes it easy to transform them into chairs or even beds.

There are other varieties as well. This includes a variety of pouf-bags, rectangular, pear-shaped, diamond-shaped and other various shapes. The advantage of poufs over other furniture are:

  • small size;
  • multifunctionality;
  • mobility.

A variety of shapes and styles allows you to choose a product for every taste and budget.

Buy armchairs and poufs in Ukraine

It is now possible to buy an armchair in Ukraine. Praktica™ company presents a huge choice on the furniture market. It is a manufacturer of quality furniture. Design studio Praktica™ creates real masterpieces and is one of the largest and most sought-after companies in the country. It was created back in 1999. During her work, she has significantly expanded the network of salons, so today all of Ukraine can use the services of the company. When creating furniture, the Praktica™ design studio is guided by European standards, uses only high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, but, despite the high quality of products, any studio product is inexpensive. For any product, the price will please you.

The Praktica™ online store will become your faithful assistant in matters of design and interior design. By choosing a product on the company's website, you can receive an order in a short time. Delivery will bring the goods to a predetermined place and time. After all, the company considers its main motto to be customer care.

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