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The quality, assortment and completeness of the goods must correspond to the samples chosen by you in the salon or catalog, according to which the order is made, and the norms of the current legislation.

Each finished product is accompanied by a Product Passport

When manufacturing the Goods under the order of the Buyer, changes and improvements in the design and production technology of the Goods are allowed: slight +/- 20mm difference in the dimensions of the Goods from samples or information from catalogs in accordance with national standards; a slight difference in the shades of textile upholstery and the tone of wooden decorative elements in the composition of the product is allowed, as well as a difference from their samples.

The warranty period for household furniture for sitting and lying is 24 months, and for children's furniture and furniture for common areas - 12 months from the date of purchase by the buyer.

Claims for the quality of the Goods related to latent manufacturing defects that could not be detected during inspection at the time of receipt are accepted by the Seller during the entire warranty period. The seller reserves the right to conduct an examination to identify the reasons for the appearance of defects. If it is found that the defects have arisen through the fault of the Buyer, their elimination is possible at the expense of the Buyer.

Goods for repair (both under warranty and at the expense of the Buyer) are accepted only in a clean and tidy state (without stains, traces of moths, pets, etc.). If the goods do not meet these conditions, then the Seller and / or the manufacturer of the Goods reserve the right to refuse service, or offer to pay the cost of dry cleaning the goods.

Warranty service is possible with a warranty card, payment receipt and Product Passport

The corner side can be selected when ordering in any corner sofa.

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