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About us

Рraktica Sofa

Rraktica Sofa is a completely new brand on the furniture market of Ukraine. The idea to create a new high-quality, practical and affordable brand belongs to a group of professionals who work on the furniture market of Ukraine for more than 10 years.

New product launch was preceded by lengthy research as a range of furniture manufacturers and buyers’ needs, allowing to approximate range, price and quality to client requests.

Professional approach

Our furniture creates by the professionals who do not simply create furniture, but suited to the choice of fabrics, accessories, fillers and accessories, for that would create a high quality and at the same time the optimal price for the product.

Quality of products

Since the quality of the products is one of the priority indicators of our brand, all products of Praktica Sofa responds to the quality standards of ISO 9001 QUALITY STANDARD.

The model range was developed taking into account the basic needs of the consumer in a practical, compact, but at the same time stylish and comfortable furniture. With a wide range of fabrics, sofas Praktica Sofa suitable for discreet interior in minimalist style, as well as for children’s rooms. Due to the different types of layouts and dimensions sofas Praktica Sofa suitable for small apartments and apartments for a larger space.