New - Dustin

The Dustin sofa is a fresh new addition to the Practika Sofa lineup. The main idea of the Dustin model is to create a full-fledged, stylish and functional model at an affordable price, and most importantly, without losing high quality standards.

The Dustin sofa is equipped with a retractable transformation mechanism, which allows you to quickly and conveniently turn the sofa into a full double bed. In addition, the model has an option to choose the length of the bed.

The design feature of the model is the sides without supports, which seem to float in the air. This gives the sofa an unusual and interesting look. The model is placed on wooden decorative supports.

The sofa is decorated with decorative stitching on the seat and sidewalls, which, in addition to its aesthetic function, also serves as an additional fixation for the sofa cover. 

Dustin is a modern model that meets the current needs of people: despite its compact size, it is equipped with a wide range of functionality - it has a niche for storing bedding and household items. It can be used as both a main and a guest bed. Its stylish and modern look will organically complement any interior.

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