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Corner sofas

Corner sofas - we save space

For most residents of apartments and private houses, the appearance of corner sofas on the furniture market was a landmark event. With their help, it became possible to solve the problem of the limited space of the living room, kitchen and other premises. The corner sofa easily becomes in the corner of the room - this furniture frees up the necessary meters of living space.

Perfect corner sofas for the living room

When choosing furniture for the living room, most buyers prefer corner sofas. They are in high demand and in demand among residents of apartments with a small footage, as well as those who want to leave more free space in their homes. Corner sofas, the choice of which in our store is quite large, have a number of advantages:

  1. Compact dimensions. This sofa can be installed in the smallest rooms.
  2. Convenience of design. Quickly and easily unfolds and folds.
  3. Large selection of different models. This allows you to match your sofa to your budget and interior.
  4. Possibility to put furniture in the corner of the room, using the most efficient free space.
  5. Most of the models can be unfolded, turning into a cozy sleeping place.

This type of furniture will be convenient and comfortable for any room in your home. It will organically fit into the living room, dining room, nursery, bedroom, office. The modern look and high-quality finishing materials allow it to fit into the interior of a room, made in almost any architectural style.

Buy corner sofas in Ukraine

Our store offers its customers a large selection of models. You can buy a corner sofa from us inexpensively by choosing suitable dimensions and furniture configuration. The products sold are of high quality, made from environmentally friendly materials that are safe for humans. Finding the right sofa model is not difficult. For the convenience of buyers, there is a catalog where you can view the models available, the current price is also indicated here. Corner sofas have been widely used since their inception. They are bought not only for an apartment or a house, they are great for offices.

Such models will not only help save space, but also make the atmosphere more comfortable and cozy. Many people install a corner sofa with the expectation of using it as a sleeping place. Its size allows it to perform this function and is quite good. A definite plus - many models are equipped with drawers at the bottom. It is convenient to store various linens, blankets, pillows and other things in them. You can order this product on our website. Delivery is made throughout Ukraine.

Types and models of soft corners

Corner sofas are available in a variety of configurations. These can be stationary or modular products. In the first version, the body is monolithic. Modular items have several components. They are connected to each other using various fasteners in the form of bolts, plates and other elements.

In their shape, they are L-shaped or U-shaped. The first version of the product is perfect for small rooms and rooms. The soft corner usually has two parts, the same or different lengths. The model of the sofa, made in the shape of the letter P, has three components. The dimensions of this furniture are quite impressive, therefore they are used in rooms of a larger footage.

Some models are equipped with additional pedestals. This gives the owner the opportunity to transform the product at his own discretion, taking into account the situation of the room. You can buy a corner sofa in Kiev at an affordable price in our online store. A large selection of models and affordable prices will allow each customer to choose a product that meets his requirements and preferences.

The choice of a soft corner - what to look for

In everyday life, this type of furniture is called a soft corner. Most often, the living room becomes a place of refuge for him. When choosing this product, you should pay attention to the various features of not only the design, but also the sliding mechanism itself.

Also, such characteristics as size, upholstery material, the style in which the furniture is made, and its color will be important. By visiting our store, you will find a huge selection of corner sofa models. The buyer will be able to select all the necessary parameters, which will allow him to purchase furniture that is ideal for a particular room.

The prices for corner sofas that you will find with us are among the lowest. The manufacturer guarantees the high quality of its products. The furniture is solid, comfortable and exclusive. Professionals who completely devote themselves to their beloved work are working on its creation. This will allow you to enjoy your purchase to the maximum, using it with full dedication.

Why people prefer our store

In many countries, this type of furniture, such as corner sofas, holds a leading position in sales to consumers. Ukraine did not stand aside, soft corners are in great demand on the sales market. Buying this product allows you to solve several important problems at once for different rooms of your home. What the buyer gets:

  • comfortable multifunctional furniture;
  • the ability to correctly zoning the room;
  • add free space in the room by installing a sofa in the corner;
  • give the room a stylish and modern look;
  • get extra beds;
  • you can store various things and linen in the sofa drawers.

In our store, the buyer will select furniture with the required parameters. Our product range is constantly updated with new, more modern sofa models. The presence of the catalog simplifies the choice, here you can immediately see the prices and all the necessary parameters, characteristics.

Convenient and informative menu will allow you to quickly find the desired section of the product you are interested in. All presented models of corner sofas are of high quality, meet all safety and environmental standards. Fast delivery of orders is made in Kiev and other regions of the country.

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